♥ Warming- and maintenance-free magnetic stirrer with
4 stirring positions, large surface, also suitable for viscous culture media.

Maintenance-free 2mag-stepper-motor-drive for extremely slow and 100% jerk-free and gentle mixing of cell cultures, extended speed range from 5 up to 250 rpm, jerk-free, even and smooth stirring also at slow speeds, suitable for culture flasks with spinning propeller- and spinning ball systems.





Stirring Points


Stirring Point Distance

140 mm

Stirring Volume/Stirring Point

5-5.000 ml

Stirring Power/Stirring Point

5 W

Speed Range

5-250 rpm

Material Housing

Stainless Steel

Permitted Operation Conditions Basic-Version

-10°C up to + 50°C (at 100% humidity)

Operating Voltage

48 VDC

Dimensions (W x D x H)

270 x 270 x 38 mm

Protection Category


Weight (gross)

Approx. 4.7 kg