♥  Stirring-heating plate combination with 6 stirring positions, incl. control unit heatMIXcontrol, universally applicable for miscellaneous vessel sizes and shapes, stirring point distance130 mm, suitable for 6 x 1,000 ml Erlenmeyer flasks.

hotplate 6

Inclusive separate control unit for operation of magnetic stirrer and integrated heater, for long-term protection of the electronics against aggressive liquids and gases as well as thermal influences, stainless steel housing.


The advantages of HOTPLATE 6 :

  • New developed magnetic stirrer
  • Maintenance and wear free
  • Fast heating up
  • Energy saving
  • For all vesses sizes and shapes
  • Simple system integration
  • Durable quality




Stirring positions


Stirrng positions distance

130 mm

Stirring volume/Stirring point

1-1.500 ml

Stirring power (max)

40 W

Power setting

4-40 W (10-step)

Temperature (max)


Speed range

100-2.000 rpm

Electrical data

230 V/1.200 W

Dimensions (W x D x H)

250 mm x 430 mm x 75 mm

Protection category

IP 20

Weight (gross)

Approx 15 kg