Bio-Rad’ s Mini-PROTEAN 3 Dodeca Cell is very convenient as far as 2-dimensional gel electrophoresis is concerned. The apparatus is ideal for high throughput separation of proteins. It is the best system available for running such a large number of gels at a time in a single apparatus. The alternative would be to use 6 minigel systems, however, running gels simultaneously on multiple systems becomes extremely tedious and time consuming. The Dodeca Cell separates proteins well and because of its ability to maintain constant temperature ( because of the stir bar capability) over the whole apparatus, it gives a sharp and straight dye front, which can help in determining the proper molecular weight of the protein. Our lab does not use an external refrigerated coolant, which helps in cooling the buffer as the run proceeds, because it does not make a difference in the separation of proteins with our infrastructure. We do observe a “ smiling effect” when we use the apparatus without cooling. The system requires 3 to 3.5 liters of buffer for 6-12 gels to be run at a time and it is convenient for separation of proteins in the first dimension.