In order to conduct protein analysis of HIV-infected T lymphocytes, our lab used the Bio Rad Protean IEF Cell System in conjunction with the Criterion Cell System to perform 2D gel electrophoresis. Using this system, the entire 2-D gel can be completed within one day ( if you are not rehydrating the strips passively overnight) . Our Bio Rad Protean IEF Cell is fully programmable, has a 10, 000 V power supply with the focusing tray and can run up to twelve 11 cm IPG strips. Some of the custom settings that can be used for each step include temperature control, voltage ramping profile ( rapid, linear, slow) , time or volt hour control, integral or separate rehydration, programmable current limit, three optional pre-programmed settings, and ten user-defined methods ( for up to ten steps) . One can utilize passive rehydration overnight or active rehydration ( 50V) although active rehydration requires the use of the isoelectric focusing tray and cell ( passive rehydration can be done in the rehydration/ equilibration tray outside the cell)