• C1000 Thermal Cycler
The C1000 thermal cycler is the flagship of the 1000-series thermal cycling platform, offering unmatched performance for fast, reliable results. Several interchangeable reaction modules are available, including real-time PCR optical modules.
• S1000 Thermal Cycler
The S1000 thermal cycler combines powerful performance with streamlined features. This instrument can be used as a stand-alone thermal cycler, or it can be connected to a C1000 cycler for additional throughput.
• MyCycler Thermal Cycler
The MyCycler cycler is an affordable instrument that is loaded with features, including an intuitive graphical user interface that makes programming and running experiments easy, even for PCR novices. A software upgrade activates thermal gradient capability.
• MJ Mini Thermal Cycler
The compact 48-well MJ Mini cycler is a powerful, high-performance instrument that includes thermal gradient technology for optimizing reactions.
• DNA Engine Thermal Cycler
The DNA Engine thermal cycler offers unparalleled flexibility and modularity while incorporating the most advanced thermal technologies. Several interchangeable reaction-module formats are available, including thermal gradient, dual block, and automation-friendly motorized lid.
• Tetrad 2 Thermal Cycler
The Tetrad 2 thermal cycler is a high-throughput 4-bay instrument with a graphical interface.
• Dyad Thermal Cycler
The Dyad thermal cycler is a compact 2-bay instrument featuring a graphical interface with point-and-click navigation. It runs up to 4 independent blocks when equipped with dual blocks.
• Dyad Disciple Thermal Cycler
The Dyad Disciple thermal cycler is a 2-bay instrument that is controlled by a DNA Engine Dyad cycler or by PC desktop freeware.