♥  Speed ​​Digester K-439 combines all the advantages of IR and heating block of digestion systems.

speedigester k-439

♥ Speed ​​Digester K-439 is a revolutionary Kjeldahl digestion. It is IR digestion systems the only one that has an integrated temperature sensor, so that digestion at the right temperature can be achieved. The advantages of IR and block heating system can now be combined. Using modern software applications, digestion method (temperature ramp and time) can be programmed and stored in a database with the name of the method. SpeedDigester K-439 is also equipped with LC display that allows users to observe the progress during digestion as a graphic display.

♥ The advantages of BUCHI IR digestion :

  • Time savings for heating and cooling time is short
  • Reproducibility due to the integrated temperature control
  • The use of tube 300, 100 or 500 ml for the same instrument
  • Simultaneously and even boil all samples
  • The system is fully sealed suction to remove acid fumes



Strains 220-240VAC
Frequency 50 Hz/60Hz
Capacity 2000 W
Weight 15.5 kg
Dimensions 310 x 620 x 540 mm
Temperature 50-580°C
Max sampel Total 12 sampels (tubes 300 ml)
  12 sampels (tubes 100 ml)
  10 sampels (tubes 500 ml)
IP class 20
Approval CE/CSA