♥  By using Digester Speed ​​IR digestion systems, new standards have been prepared with the speed of digestion, flexibility and reproducibility. With this system, the sample can digest faster than conventional digestion systems. SpeedDigester K-439 is the first IR digestion systems in the world with temperature control, so that the right temperature can be set.

speeddigester k-436

  • Flexibility : Using tubes 300, 500 or 100ml (micro) with the same equipment
  • Rapidity : Shorten the time savings due to heating and cooling
  • Reproducibility : reproducibility due to heat distribution evenly

This digestion systems can be used for almost all areas of analysis, are :

  • Food and drink
  • Woof
  • Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics
  • Environment




Strains 220-240VAC
Frequency 50 Hz/60Hz
Capacity 2550 W
Weight 15.5 kg
Dimensions 310 x 620 x 540 mm
Temperature Level 1 – 10 (70-580°C)
Max sampel Total 12 sampels (tubes 300 ml)
12 sampels (tubes 100 ml)
10 sampels (tubes 500 ml)
IP class 20
Approval CE/CSA