Analog/ Digital Stereo Zoom Microscope and High-Resolution Stereo Zoom Microscope

Optics: Paired widefield 10x eyepieces inclined 45° and dual diopter adjustment. Interpupillary distance control from 55 mm to 75 mm. Continuous stereo zoom magnification from 10x through 40x.

Mechanics: Frame is constructed of cast metal with gray enamel finish. Focus control is performed via a rack and pinion system with slip clutch control and tension adjustment. Base measures 165 mm wide x 220 mm deep. Includes two 80 mm stage plates ( frosted glass and plastic black/ white contrast) , blue filter for transmitted light, and locked-on stage clips.

Illumination: Top light is 12 V, 15 W; bottom lights is 12 V, 10 W. Light controls permit top only, bottom only, or dual illumination.

Computer Requirements for Analog/ Digital Microscope: Intel Pentium CPU 200 Mhz or higher; RAM 128 MB or higher; hard disk 200 MB or higher; CD-ROM drive; USB plug; sound card; speaker and microphone for video and audio recording; modem for e-mail; and video conference and video mail. Comes complete with Motic Images 2000 Software Computer Requirements for High-Resolution Microscope: Same as computer requirements listed above for Stereo Microscope with Built-in Digital Camera.

Model 1587 Model 1587 Model 4941
NTSC Analog Signal USB Digital Signal USB Digital Signal
Operating System: Windows 98 or higher Windows 98 or higher Windows 98 or higher
Image Device: 1/ 3 ” interline CCD 1/ 3 ” interline CCD 1/ 2 ” interline CMOS
Data Format: BMP, JPG, MIG for recording BMP, JPG, MIG for recording BMP, JPG, MIG for recording
Data Transfer: 7.5 MB/ second 7.5 MB/ second 480 MB/ second
Minimum Illumination: 0.1 lux 0.1 lux 5 lux
Camera Type: 0.4 megapixels 0.4 megapixels 2.0 megapixels
Electronic Shutter: 525 lines, 60 field/ sec 60 frames/ sec 10 fps @ 1600 x 1200, 30 fsp @ 640 x 480
Resolution: 480 TV lines 320 x 240 pixels 1600 x 1200 pixels
Effective Pixels 768 x 494 pixels 712 x 582 pixels 1600 x 1200 pixels
Power Supply: 12 V± 10% DC Self-Powered Self-Powered