Binocular Digital/ Analog Compound Microscopes

Possess a wide range of imaging features for laboratory applications.

Optics: 10x eyepiece with pointer standard in one eyepiece. Features dual diopters and interpupillary adjustment from 54 to 76 mm. 3 position sliding rod directs light in different proportions to the camera and eyepieces. Parcentered, parfocalled and color-coded 4x, 10x, 40x, and 100x DIN standard objectives available in achromatic or plan ( see below) .

Mechanics: Heavy-duty frame. Quad objective turret is ball-bearing mounted with textured rubber knurling for accurate and smooth magnification adjustments and easy grip. Coaxial coarse and graduated fine focus. 30° inclined, monocular head. Large 140 mm x 135 mm mechanical stage with 0.1mm graduations.

Illumination: 12V, 20W halogen bulb with rheostat control. 1.25 Abbe condenser with iris diaphragm, swing-out filter holder, clear blue, green and yellow filters.

Computer Requirements: Intel Pentium, CPU 200 Mhz or higher, RAM 128MB or above, Hard disk 200 MB or higher, CD-ROM drive, USB plug, sound card, speaker, microphone for video/ audio recording, modem for e-mail, video conference and video mail. Units includes Motic Images 2000 software.

Limited lifetime warranty on microscope and one year warranty on camera. Vinyl dustcover is included. Microscope height is 300 mm.

3345AC, 3345AD ( Analog, NTSC) 3345AC, 3345AD ( Digital, USB port) 3345ACM, 3345CMP
( Digital, USB port)
Operating System: — Windows 98 Windows 98
Image Device: 1/ 3 ” interline CCD 1/ 3 ” interline CCD 1/ 2 ” CMOS chip
Data Format: BMP, JPG, MIG ( for recording) BMP, JPG, MIG BMP, JPG, MIG
Min Illumination: 0.1 lux 0.1 lux 5 lux
Electronic Shutter: 525 lines, 60 field/ sec 30 field/ sec Computer dependant
Resolution: 480 TV lines 320 x 240 pixels 1600 x 1280
Effective Pixels: ( H) 768 x ( V) 494 ( H) 712 x ( V) 582 1600 x 1280
Power Supply: 12V± 10% DC Self-powered 5 V self powered from computer’ s USB