Compound Binocular/ Trinocular Microscopes

Optics: High-resolution, sharp contrast, and excellent flat field objectives assure superior image quality. DIN standard objectives are parfocal, parcentered, and color-coded. Condenser is a centerable Abbe N.A. 1.25 with iris diaphragm. Filter holder with slot accommodates a phase annulus ring, polarizer, or a Darkfield stop. Microscopes come with a choice of Seidentopf binocular or trinocular head. Both heads rotate 360° and have 30° inclination. Interpupilary distance is 55 to 75 mm. All microscopes have 10x widefield eyepieces.

Mechanics and Illumination: Five-position reverse nosepiece provides user with more room for specimen manipulation. Heavy-duty, built-in stage uses ball bearing and a dove tail mechanism to assure that stage tracks true with years of heavy use. Koehler illumination system is a 6 V/ 20 W illuminator with field diaphragm and conveniently located intensity control.