Daigger® Analog and Digital Dry Bath Heaters

Interchangeable heating blocks!

These dry baths feature upgraded temperature control and a wide assortment of interchangeable heating block modules ( order separately) .

Analog Models feature a dual, bimetallic thermostat for easy temperature control. Heaters are constructed of steel and feature a chemical-resistant coating. Ideal for clinical and general chemistry applications.

Digital Models have a PID microprocessor controller for easy temperature selection, rapid heat-up, and excellent stability. Easily read temperature on large LED display. Temperatures can be set in 0.1° C increments.

Dry bath heaters include a block extractor tool. Heating blocks are sold separately below and accomodate various test tubes, microtubes, microplates, and microscope slides. 115 V, 50/ 60 Hz.

Daigger Aluminum Blocks are made of anodized aluminum to resist corrosion. Includes thermometer well and threaded block extractor hole.