Daigger® Digital Magnetic Stirring Water Baths

Built-in stirrer mixes samples and increases uniformity!

Programmable, microprocessor based keypad with digital display provides unsurpassed control. You may operate and control in continuous time, preset time, temperature and stirrer RPM functions. Non-volatile memory ensures that your instructions are safe-even if the power goes out. Built-in temperature display eliminates the need for a separate thermometer. Temperature range is from ambient to 99.9° C. Low water level alert and heater shutdown prevents burn-outs.

Built-in magnetic stirrer with a variable speed adjustment from 30 to 250 rpm. Use in the bottom of the chamber to disperse temperature gradients or use in your sample vessel to stir the solution.

Chamber is made of leak-proof, corrosion-resistant, seamless, stainless steel. Units include diffuser platform. For optimal performance order 2 inch high stainless steel gable cover. Two year warranty.