Daigger® Disruptor Genie® and Digital Disruptor® Genie Cell Disruptors

Choose between analog Disruptor Genie and the new Digital Disruptor Genie!

This Disruptor Genie® family of products accomplishes disruption of the toughest cells with high-powered agitation at a fraction of the cost of other disruption technology. Holds up to twelve microcentrifuge tubes at a time.

Simply place sample and beads ( order separately below) into a receptacle and the Disruptor-Genie® agitates sample, breaking down cell walls, and liberating organelles.

Capable of continuous operation or 15 minute timed disruption. Suitable for incubator or cold-room applications.

Choose from Disruptor Genie® or Digital Disruptor Genie® with 1.5 mL microcentrifuge tube adapter or 2.0 mL microcentrifuge tube adapter or both! Optional microcentrifuge tube adapters can be purchased below allowing conversion of the 1.5 mL Disruptor Genie® into a 2.0 mL unit and visa-versa.

Use 0.1 mm beads for bacterial and spore cell disruption. Use 0.5 mm beads for yeast, mycella, microalgae, cyanobacteria, mammalian, and plant disruption applications.
Specifications Disruptor Genie
Speed Analog: 3000 RPM
Digital: 1000 to 3000RPM
Speed alarm On/ Off adjustable ( digital version only)
Timer Analog: 0 to 15 minutes or continuous
Digital: 0 to 99 minutes or continuous
Weight 9 ½ lb
Dimensions 4 4/ 5W x 7 ½ H x 6 ½ D”