Daigger® Mini-IR Thermometer

Pocket-size IR thermometer fits on your key chain

Provided with certificate traceable to NIST

Quickly and easily take surface temperature readings on liquids, semi-solids and solids in less than one second with an instrument that fits in your pocket! Ideal for a variety of applications including food preparation, HVAC, life science and clean rooms. Simply point, press and read surface temperature.

Unit features an easy-read 1/ 2 ” digital display, soft-touch keys, flip-open stand, key chain, reading in ° C or ° F, hold, minimum only/ maximum only readings, continuously-on mode, low battery alert and a 40 hour continuous use battery.

Range: – 7.0 to 230° F or – 22.0 to 110° C
Resolution: 0.1°
Accuracy: ± 1° between 15.0 to 40.0° C and ± 1.5° C outside of this range
Emissivity: Fixed at 0.95
Dimensions: 1 1D2W x 2 1D2H x 1D2D ”
Weight: 1 oz