Deluxe Monocular High School Microscopes

Standard fluorescent Illuminations for cool, safe lighting!

This microscope is excellent for applications that demand more accuracy and precise viewing from a high school instrument. This unit comes equipped with advanced optics and is precision engineered and manufactured, yet it costs little more than a budget microscope.

Optics: 10x eyepiece with pointer and rubber eyepiece cup. Models 3292S and 3292T also have a built in reticle. Achromatic, parcentered, parfocalled and color-coded 4x, 10x, and 40x DIN standard objectives.

Mechanics: Heavy duty frame able to stand up to student abuse and normal wear and tear. Triple aperture objective turret is reverse position and ball-bearing mounted for accurate and smooth magnification adjustments. Rack and pinion coarse focus with slip clutch protects the focusing mechanism from overturning as well as a separate fine focus. Focus drift is eliminated by built in tension adjustment. Rack-stop avoids damage to slides and lenses. 45° inclined, monocular head rotates 360° for ease of viewing by multiple students. Models 3292R and 3292S possess a large 120 x 125 mm stage with locked-on, spring activated stage clips. Model 3292T is equipped with a mechanical stage for easy specimen location.

Illumination: 5 W, fluorescent illuminator. This lighting system provides optimal image brightness and limited heat from the bulb. The bulb is also rated for 10, 000 hours life! All models have a 0.65 N.A. condenser lens mounted in stage and a 5 aperture disc diaphragm.

Limited 5 year warranty and a heavy vinyl dustcover are included. Choose from models below, either plain, with reticle or with mechanical stage and reticle. Microscope height is 380 mm.