Economy Polarizing Microscope

This economy polarizing microscope offers features of more expensive, professional polarizing microscopes but at a fraction of the cost.

Optics: 10x, 18 mm widefield eyepieces with integral cross line reticle. DIN standard achromatic objectives 4x ( 0.10 N.A.) , 10x ( 0.25 N.A.) , 40x ( 0.65 N.A.) parfocalled, parcentered and color-coded. Built-in Bertrand lens, mounted to slide in or out. The built-in analyzer ( polarizing lens) rotates 0° to 90° with 1° graduations. 3-position slider bar with wave, full wave plates and one open aperture.

Mechanics: Cast metal frame, with gray enamel finish. Objective turret with ball bearing mount provides precise, smooth magnification adjustments. Slip clutch prevents damage to focusing system. Stage drift is eliminated via tension adjustment. Unit features separate low position coarse focus and fine focus knobs. Ergonomic 45° inclined, monocular viewing head with 360° rotation capability. Large stage measures 135 mm in diameter and rotates 360° . Stage is graduated 1° with a vernier scale reading of 0.1° . Two stage clips are also standard.

Illumination: Variable rheostat control 12V, 20W halogen illumination.

Unit comes standard with a limited lifetime warranty. Microscope height is 382 mm ( 15 ” ) .