Economy Stereo Microscopes

This microscope is superb for teaching students the basics of stereo-microscopy at an affordable price.

Optics: 10x paired, widefield eyepieces with left-side diopter adjustment and interpupillary distance control from 50mm to 75mm. Parcentered, parfocalled, and achromatic paired objectives are fixed permanently in place. Total magnification of 20x. Model EF3293BB has a total magnification of 40x.

Mechanics: Frame is constructed of heavy duty cast metal with a gray enamel finish. Focus control is carried out via a rack and pinion system with with slip clutch and tension adjustment. Post mount allows for bidirectional vertical movements of the viewing body.

Illumination: EF3293A is supplied with no lightsource. EF3293B and EF3293BB are equipped with both incidental and transmitted illumination via a 12V/ 10W tungsten bulb.

Dustcover and 5 year limited warranty included.