Inclined Binocular/ Trinocular Microscopes

Optics: Binocular models have Seidenropf optical design with 55 to 75 mm interpupilary distance adjustment. All heads rotate 360° and lock-in-place with a thumbscrew. All optics feature anti-glare and antifungal coatings. Eyepieces are 10x 22-mm, extra widefield for viewing comfort and clarity. Equipped with either achromatic or plan infinity corrected 4x, 10x, 40xR, and 100xR ( Oil) objectives— 40x and 100xX objectives are retractable. Focusable and centerable N.A. 1.25 Abbe condenser with iris diaphragm and filter holder.

Mechanics: Smooth, extra-large graduated coaxial coarse and fine focus controls with tension adjustment and safety lock. Built-in graduated mechanical stage with low-position coaxial X-Y controls. Ball bearing movement allows for smooth and precise adjustments. Stage size is 180 mm x 150 mm; range of X-Y stage movement is 80 mm x 50 mm. Spring loaded slide holder. Sturdy cast metal frame with inward ( reverse) position quadruple nosepiece. Universal power supply is 110-240V. Electrical parts are UL- and CSA-approved. Incude dust cover, blue filter, two spare fuses, and instruction manual.

Illumination: Koehler illumination with field lens and field iris diaphragm featuring a 6 V/ 20 W Halogen light source for consistent bright white light. Variable intensity rheostat wheel is located on left side of base.