Specialty Stand Stereo Zoom Microscopes

Available in binocular or trinocular models
Choice of three different stand styles

Optics: 10x paired, widefield eyepieces with diopter adjustment and interpupillary distance control from 55 mm to 75 mm. Parcentered, parfocalled, and achromatic, color corrected lenses with a continuous magnification range from 10X through 40X.

Mechanics & Illumination: Focus control is carried out via a rack and pinion system with with slip clutch and tension adjustment. Viewing head is inclined 45° and rotates 360° for reverse head position viewing.
Three different stands are available ( see table below) :

Universal: All metal, rugged post mount with locking collar; capable of observing a wide range of different sized objects. No illumination and no staging area.

Platform: All metal stand with reversible black/ white contrast plate. 220 x 280mm staging area. No illumination.

Post: All metal frame with gray enamel finish. Top light is 12V/ 15W halogen with rheostat control. Bottom light is 110V/ 5W fluorescent for cool operation. Light control allows for top light, bottom light or dual illumination. Unit includes two 80 mm stages plates ( reversible black/ white contrast plates and frosted glass) , a blue filter and locked on stage clips.

All units have a lifetime limited warranty and vinyl dustcover.