Stereo Microscopes with Advanced Lighting

Compact and economically priced stereoscopes present many of the features of larger more expensive stereo microscopes. Choose from 2 different magnification ranges.

Optics: 10x paired, widefield eyepieces with diopter adjustment and interpupillary distance control from 55 mm to 75 mm. Parcentered, parfocalled, and achromatic paired objectives are fixed permanently in place. Total magnifications vary by model, please see sales table below.

Mechanics: Frame is constructed of heavy duty cast metal with a gray enamel finish. Focus control is carried out via a rack and pinion system with with slip clutch and tension adjustment. Magnification is adjusted by 90° rotations on positive click stops. Viewing head is inclined 45° and rotates 360° for reverse head position viewing. Working distance is 75 mm and maximum specimen height is 60 mm. Post mount allows for bidirectional vertical movements of the viewing body. The Stage is equiped with two 80 mm stage plates. One is plastic black/ white reversible contrast and the other is frosted glass. Stage clips come standard.

Illumination: Top light is 12V/ 15W halogen bulb, with adjustable beam and intensity control. Bottom light is 20V/ 5W fluorescent and includes a blue filter. Light controls permit top, bottom or both top and bottom illumination.

Dustcover and limited lifetime warranty come standard. Units have a height of 325 mm.