Traditional High School Microscopes

Designed to stand up to the wear and tear of a typical classroom!

Optics: Widefield 10x eyepiece with revolving pointer. 45mm DIN 4/ 10/ 40x achromatic, parfocalled objectives.

Mechanics: Frame is rugged cast aluminum with gray enamel finish. Custom fit with tilting arm. Revolving turret has positive click stops for rotating the objectives. Separate coarse and fine rack and pinion focusing. Built-in slip clutch prevents “ over-turning” and tension adjustment eliminates focus drift. Stage measures 125 x 115 mm with locked-on, spring activated clips.

Illumination: Choose from mirror or 115 V, 15 W substage illuminated models. 0.65 condenser is mounted in-stage with substage calibrated 5 aperture disc diaphragm.

Dust cover and a 5-year limited warranty are included. Unit height is 350 mm.