University Compound Microscopes

This microscope is superior in function and performance for the most demanding university applications. Superb optics and engineering guarantee that this instrument will deliver the clarity and ease of use that you require.

Optics: 10x eyepieces ( one with pointer) . Choose from either semi-plan or achromatic 4x/ 10x/ 40x DIN standard objectives with a DIN 100x oil immersion objective. See order table below.

Mechanics: Frame is cast aluminum with a gray finish. Quadruple objective turret is mounted with ball-bearings for precise positioning of objectives. Turret is mounted in reverse position to allow for easy slide changes. Coaxial coarse and fine focusing with slip clutch has tension adjustment. Fine focusing on this unit is graduated.Viewing head rotates 360° and is inclined 45° . Stage is 140 mm wide x 135 mm deep and is equipped with a built-in low profile, ball-bearing, mechanical specimen holder with low-position coaxial controls and a range of movement from 70 mm ( x-axis) to 50 mm ( y-axis) with 0.1 mm graduations.

Illumination: Variable illuminator with a 12V/ 20W halogen bulb with rheostat control, 120V/ 60Hz input power. 1.25 N.A. Abbe condenser features rack and pinion focusing, iris diaphragm and swing-out filter holder supplied with blue, green, and yellow filters.

Choose from monocular, dual, binocular or trinocular configurations below. Also choose a C-mount adapter for use with dual or trinocular units. Microscopes are 395 mm high.