“ DAIHAN” WiseCircu® WCH High Temperature Bath Circulators, 8-/ 12-/ 22-/ 30- Lit.
With Digital Fuzzy Control & Digital LCD-Back Light System, up to 250 ± 0.1

» Innovative Easy-to-Use Digital Fuzzy Controller.
» Simplest Control by Jog-Shuttle Switch and LCD.
» RS232C Interface for Remote Monitoring & Controlling.
» Digital Timer Function : ‘ Delay Time’ and ‘ Operation Time’ can be controlled.
» Stainless Steel Bath and Lid.
» Powerful Circulation Pump assures Temp. Uniformity. : Internal and External Circulation.
» Possible Connection with Evaporator or Reactor.
» User’ s Self -compensation function to control Difference between Real Temp. and Indicated Temp.
» Warning and Auto-Stop function for Shortage of Liquid.
» Digital LCD with Back-Light Function.
» Over Temperature & Over Current Protection, Sensor Error & Low Level Detection, Leakage Breaking.