“ DAIHAN” WiseDoc® WGD-10/ -20 Gel Documentation System, Camera + Portable Darkroom
With Real-time Image through USB Interface, S-Video Output
400K or 1.5M pixel, “ PL insurance”
» The most cost-effective system in the market.
» Digital CCD camera ( resolution 0.4 or 1.5 million pixel) with portable darkroom is offered.
» 640× 480, 8-bit( for WGD-10) or 1360× 1024, 10-bit( for WGD-20) gray level image is captured.
» Very compact portable darkroom system enables the existing transilluminators
» in the lab to be used together with. High flexibility in use is offered.
» High-Precision and Large Caliber optical lens with Zoom, Focus and Iris control ( manual adjust) is used.
» USB 2.0 interface is available, through which real-time images are transferred directly to PC.
» S-Video output is available. The camera can be connected to CRT monitor or video thermal printer. ( WGD-10 only)
» GelViewer™ , Smart & Flexible DNA electrophoresis gel analysis software is supplied together
» with the system – FREE ! ! !
» PL( Product Liability) Insurance