Handheld Homogenizer

The D 160 is a rotor/ stator type hand held tissue homogenizer which can rapidly dispersing, homogenizing, extractions, cell disruption, mixing, emulsifying, suspending samples in 0.1 – 5 ml of liquid or 1-250ml depending on the dispersing shaft. During operation, the suspended material is drawn into the core of the homogenizer by a rotor turning at up to 30, 000 rpm.

The material is repeatedly cycled through narrow slits in the stator where it is rapidly sheared and disintegrated by high shear mechanical action. Complete homogenization of tissues ( muscle, liver, breast tissue, etc.) is usually achieved in a few seconds. Little, if any, heat is produced during the process

D-160 Homogenizer Package

Features of D-160

- Easy to hold and light weight for one hand operation
- Sample Volume Range: 0.1-50 ml or 1-250ml
- Autoclavable 316 L stainless steel shafts, inert to aggressive solutions
- All shafts are interchangable shafts and are easily removed for cleanup
- High speed motor. Speed control from 8, 000 to 30, 000 rpm

Ordering Info

Power Supply 110-120V/ 60Hz, 220-240V / 50-60 Hz
Motor Type Universal motor, 160 Watt
Speed Range 8000-30000rpm
Max. Circum. Speed 6.3-14m/ sec
Speed Control Dial knob 6 stage
Working Volume ( ml, H2O) 0.1-50ml Dispersing shaft DS-160/ 5
1-250ml Dispersing shaft DS-160/ 10
Max. Viscosity 5000mPas
Material of Dispersing Shaft SS 316L stainless steel / PTFE
Weight 0.6 kg
Dimension L x W x H 46mm x 55mm x 230mm
Noise 72 dB( A)
Operating Environment 0-40° C, 85% rel. humidity
Protection Class IP20