EZeeMini Centrifuge


- Four lid colors including green, blue, yellow and pink.
- Max. speed of 7000rpm
- Comes with 2ml x 8 and PCR8 x 2 rotors
- Dual door interlock design, for safety
- Multi voltage operation with stable running and high accuracy of speed
- DC motor drive
- Quiet running, noise level d45 dB
- The rotor is seated on a tapered shaft which facilitates easy removal
- Ideal for quick spin downs and micro filtration
- Accelerates and brakes in seconds
- The centrifuge starts and stops by closing and opening lid or using the on/ off switch
- Precise control of speed and run time with efficient separation

Max. Speed [ rpm] 7000
Max. RCF[ × g] 2680
Rotor Capacity 8× 0.2/ 0.5/ 1.5/ 2.0ml tube;
16× 0.2ml PCR strips, 2× 0.2ml PCR8 strips;
Slide rotor
Run Time Continuous operation
Driving Motor DC motor
Power AC100-240V/ 50Hz/ 60Hz
Noise level( dB) d45
Dimensions [ D× W× H mm] 150 x 150 x 117
Weight [ kg] 0.5