Powerful centrifuge force 14690 g, broad application range
Large LCD display provides all visual information
Brushless motor drive, maintenance free
Low center of gravity
High strength metal casing
Stable and secure operaton
One-knob input fast and easy operation
Compact design, save valuble space
High speed, low noise
High performance price ratio, save your scientific research funds
High strength aluminum alloy rotor, can be fully autoclavable


Max. Speed

14800rpm 300-14800rpm Increment: 10rp

Speed Accuracy

± 20rpm

Max. RCF

14690× g, Increment: 10× g r= 6.0cm


2ml× 12

Run Time

1min~ 99min~ HOLD

Driving Motor

Brushless DC Motor

Safety Devices

Door Interlock, Over-Speed Detector, Over-Temperature Detector, Automatic Internal Diagnosis


Single-Phase ~ 220v± 22v 50Hz/ 60Hz, 3A
~ 110v± 11v 50Hz/ 60Hz 5A

Dimensions mm

 L 250×  D 245×  H 140



Additional Features

Speed/ Acceleration switch Short-Time Run Function, sound-alert Function