The best-selling centrifuge at inexpensive price that everyone can afford.
- To provide a desired testing for test tubes containing in vitro diagnostic specimens for qualitative or quantitative test procedures, ideal for general laboratory in hospital, school, veterinary, biochemistry, blood bank, industry, clinics.
- Fixed-angle rotor features to collect sediment diagonally in the tubes. It creates the higher speed and RCF.
- Speed regulated from 1000rpm to the maximum within 15 seconds.
- Choice of variable speed regulation or fixed speed at 3000rpm or anywhere as requested.
- Choice of automatic shutout safety system when lid is opened during spinning. Extra cost is required.
- Anti-vibration rubber buffer balances rotor when spinning, and also protect equipment during transportation.
- Timer activated centrifuge, the LED pilot lamp indicates the power is switched on.
- The heavy casting iron base and 3 rubber suction feet prevent the unit from creeping and moving.
- This unit complies with CE electromagnetic compatibility requirement of EN60601-1-2 and IEC801 series regulations.
- Air intake holes in chamber help keep centrifuge cool during the extended use.