- Various rotors used fitted in one centrifuge to meet your requirements saves your cost.
- Rotor changes are fast and simple with an attached hexagon wrench.
- Safety locking latch and inter switch shut out motor automatically when lid is opened during spinning, and also prevents the centrifuge from starting accidentally while loading.
- Operate in a various speed control by turning the control knob from 0 to 12000 rpm for PLC-012 series, while 0 – 3500 rpm for PLC-024, varied with the corresponding types of rotors.
- Molded stainless steel chamber for PLC-012, PLC-012E and PLC-025 easy for clean.
- High efficient motor accelerates to the maximum speed and brakes to complete stop gently in 20 seconds.
- RoHS complaint is also available upon request for extra cost.