Vertical steam autoclave

Model No:


Specification :
Capacity : 72 liters
Chamber : 350 x 750 mm
Control system : pressure control
Working temperature : 120 – 134 Cdeg
Standard : manual drying , temp and pressure indicators ,
Standard accessories: Sterilization basket , tube indicator x 2 , shelf x1 , hose x 1
Gross Weight : 140 kgs

Key Features:
Features :

* Semi-automatic control systems by position sterilizing -drying switch to work sterlizing or drying function

* Sterilizing time and drying time is adjustable from 0-60mins on timer.

* Timer start only after the pre-set temperaure is reached, ensuring complere sterilization

* illuminated pilot lamps display status and a buzzer announces the completion and cuts off

the heating power source

* Automatic air venting device dischargees cool air from chamber to obtain effective saturated steam