DirExTM is designed for the easy and simple preparation of template DNA in PCR applications. The whole procedure can be completed in a single tube and it takes just 8 minutes. The procedure of DirExTM is composed of two steps, the incubation and the inactivation, which are the lysis of sample and the heat-inactivation of enzymes respectively. The incubating is normally performed in a conventional water- or dry-bath, but PCR thermal cycler can also be used alternatively. Use of this instrument for incubating can dramatically increase the efficiency and the ease of handling, and it will eventually enhance the consistency and the accuracy of the analysis. The simple procedure of DirExTM requires neither the centrifuge step nor the additional pipetting, and it facilitates the multiple preparations from many samples. Simultaneous preparation from many samples with minimum handling will help guarantee the fidelity of the analysis.  DirExTM can be used for the preparation of template DNA from a wide range of biological and forensic samples, such as mammalian blood, hairs, tissues, swabs, stains, cigarette butts and cultured cells. Prepared DNA can be applied directly to PCR applications and/or stored in a freezer for storage.


■ Two steps, simple to use and user friendly kit for gDNA purification
■ It takes 8 minutes to complete the whole procedure
■ Optimized protocols for various samples such as cultured cell, animal tissue, hair, buccal swab, whole blood  and dried blood spot
■ Solution type
■ No organic reagents, eco-friendly method
■ Stable and consistent results
■ Applicable to downstream such as PCR, Sequencing and RFLP etc.
■ Proteinase K included