The HI 84430 is an automatic titrator designed for easy, fast and accurate analysis of total titratable acidity in water. Potentiometric endpoint determination, peristaltic titrant delivery and integrated magnetic stirring systems eliminate the error and technique dependent results associated with manual titrations.
The accuracy of the instrument is ensured by performing a peristaltic pump calibration using the provided HANNA standard. The HI 84430 endpoint determination algorithm analyzes the pH vs. volume curve to determine the exact pH endpoint and performs the necessary calculations. The results are displayed in mg/ L CaCO3 or meq/ L CaCO3 units on the graphic display. Titrations are conducted using the low range reagent ( 15 to 500 mg/ L as CaCO3) or the high range reagent ( 400 to 4000 mg/ L as CaCO3) .
An intuitive interface makes the instrument simple to use. A dedicated HELP key guides the user through set-up and calibration sequences, reports instrument status and aids in troubleshooting.
HI 84430 features include: log on demand for up to 100 samples ( 50 pH measurements, 50 titration results) , GLP compliance.