HI 83414 is a highly accurate dual parameter instrument that reflects HANNA’ s years of experience. The HI 83414 successfully combines turbidity and colorimetric measurements to test the most important parameters of drinking water: turbidity and free/ total chlorine. The meter is specially designed for water quality measurements, providing reliable and accurate readings on low turbidity and chlorine values. The HI 83414 meets and exceeds the requirements of USEPA and Standard Methods both for turbidity and colorimetric measurements.
With the powerful CAL CHECK™ function, reliable performance can be validated at any moment by using the exclusive HANNA ready-made, NIST traceable standards. A one-point calibration can be performed using the same CAL CHECK™ standard.
This instrument features an optical system to guarantee accurate results, assure long term stability and minimize stray light and color interferences. They also compensate for variations in intensity of the lamp for less frequent calibration.