General 3 x 3 Upright Freezer Rack
Versatile rack holds a variety of storage boxes
Stainless steel rack can accommodate various sizes and styles of storage boxes, slide boxes, reversible PCR® racks and more. Rack features high-durability, corrosion-resistant stainless steel material and handles for easy removal. Designed to fit most freezer models and makes.
Suggested applications: ( not included)
True North® Microscope Slide Box HS15988H ( Holds 18 each/ 2 per compartment)
Reversible PCR® Rack HS2344A ( Holds 9 each/ 1 per compartment)
50-Well Foam Rack HS4283P ( Holds 9 each/ 1 per compartment)
Cyrogenic Vial Holder HS23229B ( Holds 9 each/ 1per compartment)
PCR® is a registered trademark of Hoffman-LaRoche Inc.