Premium Sterile Conical Centrifuge Tubes
Available in opaque black for light-sensitive samples
High-quality standards enable high RCF ratings in our premium conical tubes. Writing areas and flat polyethylene caps provide ideal opportunities for labeling. The packaging is labeled for lot-to-lot traceability with “ easy-tear” openings. Tubes are all RNase, DNase and Pyrogen free. All styles are available in cases of 500 tubes.
Clear Tubes are manufactured from high-clarity propylene. Each style features dark imprinted graduations and a large white writing area for sample identification. Available in sterile bulk and racked versions ( 50 mL self-standing in bulk only) . Rack versions are made out of reusable cardboard, making them more environmentally friendly. Sturdy cardboard boxes provide additional transport protection. Popular self-standing tubes are available in 50 mL only.
Black Tubes are made from superior polypropylene material and are specific for light-sensitive samples. Large writing area and imprinted graduations are in white for easy readability. Black tubes in 15 mL and 50 mL are available in sterile bulk only.
Packaging features:
Easy-tear opening
Labeled packaging for lot-to-lot traceability ( Inner pack- clear tubes; case packs- black tubes)