RF3000™ Pipette Controller
Powerful pump for quick and accurate measurements
The RF3000 is a testament to Heathrow Scientific’ s commitment to design, function and innovation. This ergonomic pipette controller is lightweight, made of UV resistant material, features adjustable valves and is microprocessor controlled for consistent reliability and accuracy.

The powerful pump offers rapid, yet sensitive aspiration and dispensing. Filling and dispensing speed is easily set with the same hand. Repeatedly press the large mode button and the bright LED’ s will indicate one of three modes: High, Low or Gravity Mode ( Gravity Mode: “ to contain” pipettes and dispense liquid without the motor) .

Five colored nose cones are included to help differentiate for departmental or specific use coding. User labeling area on unit provides for customization, instant recognition and/ or task designation.

Additional features such as hand-neutral design for right- and left-handed users, concave padded triggers and thumb controls ensures many hours of stress-free pipetting.


Power: One Li-Ion battery, replaceable

AC Adapter 100 to 240VAC, 50/ 60Hz with four interchangeable plugs for U.S./ Japan/ Taiwan, Continental Europe/ Israel, Australia and United Kingdom

Filter: Hydrophobic 0.45 ¼ m ( three included)

Pipettes: 1 to 100 mL, glass and plastic

Pipettes nozzle: Polypropylene, autoclavable

Dimensions: 152 x 152 x 41 mm

One-year warranty

The RF3000 accommodates glass and plastic pipettes ranging in volume from 1 to 100 mL. The 0.45¼ m nozzle filter prevents contamination and the 1mL nozzle adapter helps keep small pipettes stable.

Long-life single Li-Ion battery allows approximately 20 hours of continuous pipetting. A low-battery indicator signals when it needs to be recharged. Easy removal battery cover slides off for quick replacement. The RF3000 can be recharged while in use or while resting in either the bench top stand or magnetic wall-mountable holder ( both included) .

RF3000 includes:
Wall-mountable holder and charging stand
Nozzle adapter for use with 1mL pipettes
Li-Ion battery lasts for days of use between charges
Three replacement 0.45 ¼ m filters
Five nose cones, Pack of 5, Blue, Lime, Shamrock, Teal, Lilac
AC adapter 100 to 240VAC, 50/ 60Hz with four interchangeable plugs)