Rota-Filler® 5000
New addition to the Rota-Filler family!

This pipet controller features a patent pending adjustable pivot arm and liquid crystal display indicating battery charge and speed settings. Following in the Rota-Filler tradition, the Rota-Filler 5000 is ergonomically designed for end-user comfort.

The adjustable pivot arm rotates to five positions: 0° , 5° , 10° , 15° , and 20° . This allows for more flexibility especially when working in restricted spaces; such as fume-hoods or clean cabinets.

The Rota-Filler 5000 features a liquid crystal display ( LCD) with easy-to-read battery charge levels as well as speed gravity settings. The pipet controller includes a rechargeable NiMH battery pack that provides 8 hours of continuous operation and is quick to recharge. The LCD battery levels flash when charge is low, and unit automatically shuts off when not in use. Adjustable speed dial provides improved control with a wider range of settings: faster maximum speeds and slower minimum speeds. This allows for finer aspirate dispense control. Can also set to gravity mode to dispense “ to contain” pipets.

The Rota-Filler 5000 is truly a universal instrument. The 100 to 240 VAC adapter comes with plugs for: US, Japan, Taiwan, Continental Europe, Israel, Australia, and United Kingdom. The plugs easily snap into place and the instrument automatically converts to the required voltage.

Accommodates pipets ranging from 1 to 100 mL and comes with two extra hydrophobic 0.45¼ m filters that fit in the autoclavable polypropylene nozzle. Filler measures 160 x 40 x 150 mm.