Sprout® Mini-Centrifuge
New SnapSpin™ rotors – a new approach to compact centrifuge use!
Introducing the next generation of the Sprout® mini-centrifuge loaded with new features for increased efficiency in the lab.

Two new SnapSpin rotors ( a six-place standard rotor and an eight-place strip rotor) snap-in and out for fast and easy changes! Plus, two sets of adapters accommodate all major microtube and PCR® tube styles ( 2.0, 1.5, 0.5, 0.2 mL) for customized use.

The Sprout is ideal for microfilter cell separations and HPLC samples. With most spins lasting around 20 seconds, the ergonomically designed lid was specifically designed to fit in the palm of the hand for easy repeat opening and use. Made with UV resistant plastic.

Operation is now faster and easier: Snap in rotor, load and close. For repeated spins, simply close the lid to reactivate. An internal safety switch ensures the Sprout will not operate with the lid open. Small footprint offers minimal benchtop space and removable cord for compact storage.

Designed and tested to comply with U.S., Canada and European safety standards.

Exclusive SnapSpin Rotors, designed for fast and easy changes!

SnapSpin Rotors are activated by a quick release mechanism that engages inside the rotor.


Maximum speed: 6, 000 rpm

Maximum RCF: 2000 x g

Dimensions: 153 x 128 x 104mm

One-year warranty

Sprout includes:

Two easy change, tool-free rotors:
Six-place standard rotor for 1.5/ 2 mL tubes
Eight-place strip rotor for two 0.2 mL tube strips or 16 single tubes
Six 0.2 mL and six 0.5 mL adapters for customized use
Storage Case – Keeps rotors and adapters contained and dust-free
Tube Rack – Convenient for handling samples before and after quick spins