The Sea Star™ Digital Orbital Shaker
Multi-purpose with varying speed adjustments

The Sea Star™ Digital Orbital Shaker tracks timed runs, continuous usage and rpm settings for improved test procedure repeatability. Nonstop optical motor feedback provides instantaneous speed adjustment. Turn the speed knob for gentle agitation or vigorous orbital motion. Slow-start motion decreases the risk of spills. Low-rpm setting provides gentle shaking for molecular biology and immunology applications. Ideally priced and built-to-last.

Soft-start feature and low-speed setting ideal for staining and de-staining of gels
Sturdy platform generously holds various containers
Versatile, use with assay plates, open vessels, culture flasks and more
Ideal for long-term studies and/ or overnight requirements
Design – Aesthetically pleasing style and highly intuitive
Function – Multi-purpose with varying speed adjustments
Innovation – State-of-the-art motor feedback for accurate speed readings
Platform capacity ( not limited to list below)
6 standard or deep well assay plates ( more if stacking is an option)
25 ea 50ml Erlenmeyer Flasks ( conical)
16 ea 125ml Erlenmeyer Flasks ( conical)
9 ea 250ml Erlenmeyer Flasks ( conical)
4 ea 500ml Erlenmeyer Flasks ( conical)
4 ea 1L Erlenmeyer Flasks ( conical)
1 ea 2L Erlenmeyer Flasks ( conical)
36 ea 50ml Beakers
25 ea 100ml Beakers
16 ea 250ml Beakers
9 ea 400ml Beakers
4 ea 1L Beakers

Set for continuous time or up to 49 hours
Instant speed adjustment from 20 to 300 rpm
LED shows speed and time remaining
Audible beep indicates ending time
Optical motor feedback
Soft rubber feet minimizes “ walking”
Skid-free rubber mat with unique wave design
Sturdy anodized aluminum platform
Eight elastic ties stabilize flasks and beakers
Plug-in-place interchangeable power adapter

Speed Range 20 to 300 rpm ( adjustable)
Orbit Diameter 19.2mm
Timer Range 0 to 49 hours
Maximum Load 4.5kg
Power 100 to 240 VAC, 50/ 60 Hz
Interchangeable adapter plugs for U.S./ Japan/ Taiwan,
Continental Europe/ Israel, Australia, and United Kingdom
Ambient Conditions 4 to 40º C; 20 to 80% RH, non-condensing
Platform Interior Dimensions 279mm W x 279mm D
Overall Dimensions 314mm W x 183mm H x 305mm D