True North® Chilling Jar
Quickly freeze samples at -1º C per minute rate

Designed to rapidly chill cryogenic vials in freezer— alcohol-filled jar speeds freezing rate. Easily fill jar to visible liquid level graduation with isopropyl alcohol. Samples are not in contact with liquid— insert provides barrier while alcohol is securely contained. When samples are removed from the freezer, the insulating foam holder decreases warming rate and extends working time.

Holds eight 1.2 to 2.0 mL cryogenic vials; fits most brands. Lift with arrow tab to remove insert from jar— float insert in water bath to warm samples after freezing. Stack in freezer or on benchtop. Includes polycarbonate jar, high-density polyethylene lid and insert, and polyurethane foam holder. Measures 123 mm dia x 105 mm H.