Standard Level Precision Bench Scales are designed for the most general applications in shipping, receiving, production, packaging, and general commercial use. Defender 5000 platforms are available in many variations including square and rectangular sizes. Pressed welded steel base is designed for rugged durability and includes painted column.

Advanced parts counting, dynamic animal weighing, percent weighing, checkweighing, display hold for large containers and GMP with time/ date
lb, oz, lb: oz, g, kg, user-defined custom unit
Large Backlit LCD display with checkweighing LEDs

Defender™ 5000 Bench Scales :
- D51P15HR1 : Capacity x Displayed Readability : 15kg x 0.002kg ( 15000g x 2g)
- D51P30HR1 : Capacity x Displayed Readability : 30kg x 0.005kg ( 30000g x 5g)
- D51P60HR1 : Capacity x Displayed Readability : 60kg x 0.01kg ( 60000g x 10g)
- D51P100HL2 : Capacity x Displayed Readability : 100kg x 0.02kg ( 100000g x 20g)
- D51P150HX2 : Capacity x Displayed Readabilty : 150kg x 0.02kg ( 150000g x 20g)
- D51P300HX2 : Capacity x Displayed Readability : 300kg x 0.05kg ( 300000g x 50g)

Defender™ 5000 Square Scales
- D51P10QR1 : Capacity x Default Readability : 10kg x 0.001kg ( 10.000g x 1g)
- D51P25QR1 : 25kg x 0.002kg ( 25.000g x 2g)
- D51P50QL2 : Capacity x Default Readability : 50kg x 0.005kg ( 50.000g x 5g)
- D51P100QL2 : Capcity x Default Readability : 100kg x 0.01kg ( 100.000g x 10g)
- D51P250QX2 : Capacity x Default Readability : 250kg x 0.02kg ( 250.000g x 20g)