Analytical models have capacities from 65g to 210g and incorporate a large contoured weighing chamber for optimum draft protection. Precision models offer capacities from 210g to 32, 000g with readability to 0.1g.
Key Features include RS232, full GLP data output, 7 different application modes, 16 weigh units and user selectable display settings. Optional features include AutoCal™ and approved models.
Innovative software: Simple to use and easy to follow, with no training or manual required! The 3 application specific soft-keys allow direct access to features such as calibration, units, sample size and reference information at a touch of a button in a choice of 5 different operational languages.

Item # w/ AutoCal :
- EP12001C : Capacity : 12000g, Readability : 0.1g
- EP22001C : Capacity : 22000g, Readability : 0.1g
- EP32001C : Capacity : 32000g, Readability : 0.1g

Item # w/ o AutoCal :
- EP12001 : Capacity : 12000g, Readability : 0.1g
- EP22001 : Capacity : 22000g, Readability : 0.1g
- EP32001 : Capacity : 32000g, Readability : 0.1g