For the cultivation of anaerobic and microaerophilic microorganisms in a defined, rapidly generated and optimum gas atmosphere.
Anaerobic methods:
1. Evacuating ( with vacuum pump) and filling with gas ( e.g. nitrogen)
without chemical accessories.
2. Chemical anaerobic systems ( GasPacks) , available as accessories.

l break-proof and non-ageing
l made of robust stainless steel or transparent polycarbonate
l UV-resistant plastic or transparent PC
l with two corner valves incl. tube clips for flushing and vacuum hoses ( 5 mm inner-Ø ) *
l with manometer for exact control of the vacuum or over pressure ( -1 to 0.2 bar) *

On request, the lids are available as custom-made versions, e.g. made of other material, without valves/ manometer or equipped with high-temperature manometer.
Racks ( optional) : For Petri dishes, multiwell plates or test tubes. Equipped with holder for anaerobic systems.