ergonomic system accelerates tests in yeast genetics
micromanipulator mounted on the mechanical stage
simultaneous operation of fine focus and micromanipulator

Ergonomically optimized, simplified and accelerates test in yeast genetics.

The TDM E 50i is a complete system for comfortable and efficient tetrad dissection. This third generation design incorporates Nikon´ s newest and most ergonomic laboratory microscope, the Eclipse E 50i with infinity optic.

The TDM E 50i includes a precision joystick micromanipulator, a holder for Ø 100 mm Petri dishes, and mechanical stage with ” click-stops” . The microscope is complete with long working distance optics for viewing through the inverted dish and growing medium.

The Precision Micromanipulator is mounted on the left side of the stage and both move simultaneously, when the microscope is focused, thus there is no need for a fixed stage. Other than the previous designs, the sideway movements are led by ball bearing slides, whereas the joystick enables for a smooth and hysteresis-free adjustment of Y-axis and Z-axis. The X-axis is adjusted by turning a knob.

The Mechanical Stage has low coaxial control knobs which are tension adjustable. The stage is indexed with ” click-stops” every 5 mm on the X and Y-axes. Ø 100 mm Petri dishes of various manufacturers can be used, because of the unique design of the dish holder.

The Nikon Microscope ECLIPSE E 50i is comfortably designed with a 25° binocular body. Options are available to adjust the height of the eyepieces for even the tallest of operators. Focusing and micromanipulation can be done with both arms resting on the benchtop. NIKON´ s new patented one-side fine focus allows for the operation of the stage and the fine focus with one hand.

The TDM E 50i comes with an Abbe condenser, which has been modified so that it will provide proper Kö hler illumination over the extended distance to the object. Stand and stage are built for right-hand operation ( left-hand optional) .