Enhanced UL Adapter
The NEW, Enhanced Brookfield UL Adapter is used with any standard Brookfield Viscometer and Rheometer to make accurate and reproducible measurements on low viscosity materials. Newtonian and non-Newtonian materials can be measured. It is most commonly used with the LV series instrument ( at 60 rpm, these models have a full scale range of 1-10 cP with the UL Adapter) . The UL Adapter consists of a precision cylindrical spindle rotating inside an accurately machined tube. Its rheologically correct cylindrical geometry provides extremely accurate viscosity measurements and shear rate determinations. The tube has a removable end cap which allows the open ended tube to be used in a beaker or tank. With the cap in place, the closed tube can be immersed in a temperature bath or used with the ULA-40Y water jacket for precise temperature control. Working temperature range is from -1° C to 100° C.
Why replace your current UL Adapter?

The new design saves a significant amount of time on set up and tear down of equipment
The new spindle, with universal connector, is easier to thread onto the viscometer
The entire assembly can remain in place between tests with only the chamber being removed to prepare the next sample for testing

Features & Benefits

Ideal for low viscosity materials
Stainless steel parts are easily cleaned
Removable cap of low density polyethylene can be considered disposable for one-time use if required
Reduces measuring range to as low as 1 cP, depending on viscometer used
Small sample size: 16 mL
Simple attachment to a standard Brookfield Viscometer or DV-III Ultra Rheometer
Cylindrical geometry provides defined shear rates for detailed product analysis

ULA Attach

Longer coupling nut for better grip and twist action to connect spindle to viscometer
Redesigned bracket for attaching ULA assembly to viscometer. Provides more clearance for finger grip on coupling nut

ULA Remove
Quick & Easy Removal of Chamber

Simply loosen thumbwheel and chamber slides down and out
Permits rapid testing of multiple samples by swapping out chambers
Choice of leaving spindle attached to viscometer or disconnecting and removing it with chamber
Water jacket sleeve remains in place attached to the viscometer while the chamber and/ or spindle only are removed. Saves set up time for the operator.


Sturdy collar attaches to locating channel assembly which is connected to the viscometer pivot cup
Sample chamber is held firmly in place by the collar which provides proper alignment for the spindle rotation within the chamber
Universal coupling nut on spindle ensures firm connection with viscometer and automatic self-centering of spindle in chamber during rotation
Direct immersion of chamber in temperature bath is quick and easy
Water jacket grips slide over collar and operator manually aligns the collar/ jacket assembly to allow easy insertion of chamber containing sample to be tested


Closed tube and spindle made from 316 stainless steel.

EZ-Lock Option The UL Adapter is also available to purchase with an EZ-Lock spindle couple system. This option allows spindles to be quickly attached and removed, and may also help prevent against damage that can occur from frequent spindle changes or multiple users. Please contact Brookfield or an authorized dealer for additional details and part numbers.

Existing UL Adapters can also be retrofitted. Please contact Brookfield or an authorized dealer for details and part numbers.

* * Note: The EZ-Lock option must be purchased for use with a DV-II+ Pro EXTRA Viscometer as well as all other viscometers/ rheometers that have an EZ-Lock spindle coupling system.