This equipment combines the features of heated bath and mechanical shaking function to agitate samples.Intended use for biology, biochemistry, industry and pharmacology applications. – Choice of digital or analog setting to meet your requirement. – Built-in circulating stirrer ensures uniform bath temperature. – Heating Lamp indicates the heating elements is energized. – When the set termperature is stabilized, the heating lamp becomes blinked or snuffed out. – Tube rack and flask platform can be raised and lowered to suit the lengths of different vessel and test tubes. They are detached and easy for installment. ( tube rack and flask platform are optional ) – Seamless stainless steel inner chamber with round concerns gives added strength and easy for clean.- Steel outer housing with powder coating, corrosion and scratch free. – An induction motor produces a 20mm circular motion with 0 dB, maintenance free. – Shaking stroke is 20mm reciprocally per cycle.